UPDATE: Surrey woman crushed in August’s windstorm makes strong recovery

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UPDATE: The Surrey woman who was badly injured by a tree in August’s windstorm is finally out of hospital.

Bobbi Gillcash sustained a brain injury as a result of the accident. She is currently in a wheelchair and will never be able to walk again. But after spending two months in hospital, Gillcash is undergoing rehabilitation at G. F. Strong Centre and is doing remarkably well. She might be able to go home by the end of January if her recovery stays on track.

To help Gillcash on her way to recovery, donations can be made to:


Bobbi Gillcash

TD Canada Trust 

Transit number: 96090

Institution number: 004

Account number: 6348807

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Bobbi Gillcash has been clinging to life in hospital for almost a week.

In the height of last weekend’s storm, the worst Metro Vancouver has seen in a decade, she was crushed by several falling tree branches.

“I hear this snap, and this crack, and I froze. Literally, coming directly at us, was this massive tree,” said her daughter Andrea, who was with Bobbi at the time.

“If I did not move and snap back to reality and ran, it would have crushed me first, I would have instantly died.”

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Emergency crews rushed Bobbi to Vancouver General Hospital. She’s undergone surgery for several spinal injuries and brain trauma.

But tonight, for the fist time in days, the family is finally seeing a glimmer of hope.

“We just got of the phone with ICU,” said Crystal Soderstrom, Bobbi’s sister, Friday evening.

“Bobbi has opened her eyes, so they’re going to reduce some of the sedation, we’re going to see her first thing in the morning, and go from there. It’s all coming together. It’s a miracle.”

Adding to the tragedy was that Bobbi had recently become homeless, and was living in Green Timbers forest.

Doctors have told the family that she will likely be paralysed from the waist down if she survives.

It’s giving the family hope, as they plan to set up a trust fund to Bobbi find her a new home.

“A brave, strong woman, and that’s why she’s opening her eyes right now,” said Crystal.

“She’s a survivor.”

UPDATE: Gillcash’s family says her condition improved overnight. Jeremy Hunka reports.

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