Trains, bikes, and automobiles: which gets from Churchill to NAIT fastest?

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WATCH ABOVE: With so many people worried about some kind of delay along the Metro Line, we decided to test out which form of transportation was fastest. Fletcher Kent reports.

EDMONTON — The Metro Line LRT faced its first true test Tuesday morning as many students went back to school for their first day of classes and motorists went back to work after the long weekend.

In light of news revealed last week that drivers could wait upwards of 16 minutes at two intersections in the Kingsway area, major delays were expected Tuesday. So Global News decided to do its own experiment; which means of transportation would be quickest to travel from Churchill Square to NAIT fast: the train, a vehicle, or a bicycle?

I took the Metro LRT Line, Global Edmonton anchor Nancy Carlson rode a bicycle, and graphic producer Tonia Huynh drove a vehicle.

Ready to start the “great #Metroline race!” #yeg #yegtraffic pic.twitter苏州美甲纹绣培训/3u1Uk9Bxcf

— Slav (@slavkornik) September 8, 2015

As it turned out, I arrived at NAIT first, making the trip in 12 minutes, while both Nancy and Tonia arrived three minutes later.

Metro took 12 mins from Churchill to NAIT, bike and vehicle took about 15 mins. #yeg #yegtraffic pic.twitter苏州美甲纹绣培训/e96P5rdytT

— Slav (@slavkornik) September 8, 2015

just finished a Runtastic run of 2.36 mi in 15m 30s with #Runtastic app:

— Nancy Carlson (@nancyjcarlson) September 8, 2015

I made it! Hello @NAIT #yegtraffic #yeg #Metroline pic.twitter苏州美甲纹绣培训/ZrQIJE2SYt

— Tonia H (@TonnieH9) September 8, 2015

The LRT ride was fairly proficient other than a two minute stop at the MacEwan Station. The modified 25 km/h speed limit wasn’t a significant issue for myself or the other passengers I spoke to.

Definitely going at a slower speed, but it’s running fairly smooth. #yeg #yegtraafic pic.twitter苏州美甲纹绣培训/A3yrGBVoIz

— Slav (@slavkornik) September 8, 2015

“It was good. It was on time. I ride the LRT a fair bit so it was what I expected,” said Dan MacLean, LRT commuter.

Tonia’s drive was better than she had anticipated. She expected it to take about 25 minutes. In fact, the major hindrance during her trip wasn’t caused by the LRT, rather construction on 101 Street near Churchill Square.

Traffic backed up @ 109 St NB yielding onto Princess Elizabeth Ave EB. #yegtraffic #Metroline

— Tonia H (@TonnieH9) September 8, 2015

Longest wait of the commute was turning left into NAIT from Princess Elizabeth Ave #yegtraffic #yeg #Metroline

— Tonia H (@TonnieH9) September 8, 2015



    After lengthy delay, Metro Line LRT opens to riders

    Metro LRT to open Sept. 6, but prepare for transit and traffic delays

    “Hitting the crossing by Royal Alex wasn’t too bad. It was fairly quick, about a minute and I was through,” said Tonia.

    Nancy also cited construction as the primary obstruction in her ride. She said the traffic didn’t cause her an unusual delay. She also avoided the two intersections on Princess Elizabeth Avenue/106 Street and 111 Avenue/Kingsway Avenue where the longest delays are expected, which helped her make the trip in good time.

    “Avoided them at all cost. That was the advantage of having the bike.”

    The experiment isn’t an exact indication of what every cyclist, driver and Metro Line commuter will experience on a daily basis, but it was intended to give Edmontonians travelling in the area on weekday mornings an idea of what they could expect.

    WATCH: Global Edmonton sent three employees to find out which would be quicker to get from downtown to NAIT: riding the new Metro LRT Line, driving or riding a bike. Erin Chalmers reveals the results live on the Morning News.

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