Large police presence in the community of Hounsfield Heights Saturday afternoon

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WATCH ABOVE: Carolyn Kury de Castillo has more on the movie like police presence near the Jubilee Auditorium Saturday. 

CALGARY – A large police presence in the upscale community of Hounsfield Heights Saturday, shocking people living in the area.

It had all the makings of an action movie as police shut traffic down on 14th street to chase suspects near the Jubilee Auditorium.


“We saw some undercover agents, police officers sort of scouting out the neighborhood and hiding behind trees and looking around corners and stuff. And then all of a sudden there was a deluge of more police. We probably had 15 or 20 police officers in my alley,” Jim Richardson said.

According to witnesses,  undercover officers were on the scene first.

They were followed up with a half dozen marked vehicles and members armed with rifles.

“Impressive force. What I was impressed with is that they didn’t go in like with little peashooters. They waited for the swat team to come around and they came in with the heavy artillery,” Richardson said.

Police say they were called out for reports of a break in. Witness say two men tried to make a get away across 14th street but police got a hold of them below the Jubilee Auditorium.

“I saw two guys come out of the vacant house and the police went after them right away. We saw a couple of guys down on the grass.”

Neighbours were told to stay indoors while police surrounded the vacant house on 14th street.

“We are all a little bit stressed, for sure. There was a sniper on my other neighbors veranda on the second story, so he was pretty stressed out about that too.”

Two  men were taken into custody a few hours later.

‘I guess they were highly of violent criminals living in that house to the north of me and they were notified of their whereabouts or they were known to police obviously,” Laurie Venning said.

Police say the large armed presence was required because they were uncertain of the weapons the men may have had.

Police say charges are pending against two men taken into custody.

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