Family looking for answers after dog disappears while giving birth

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UPDATE: Missing Rottweiler, puppies returned to Saskatoon owner

SASKATOON – A Saskatoon family is desperately looking for answers in the disappearance of their pet dog who went missing from their yard Saturday morning. They had let the pregnant Rottweiler outside for less than half an hour, not knowing she was going into labour.

When they went to check on her they found her missing and one newborn puppy left behind.



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    Wes Desjarlais said he knows that she did not run away, as “she never left the yard, even when the gates were open.”

    He feels someone took the dog knowing the value of purebred Rottweilers, and not realizing she had already given birth to one puppy.

    The family is now bottle feeding the newborn puppy, doing all they can to give her a chance at survival, but are hoping to find the mother and the other puppies. They fear for the well-being of the newborns, already knowing they need to be vaccinated for canine parovirus, and may not survive without the shots.

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    Desjarlais said if someone has their dog, “if you could just bring her back, the kids just want the dog back. There would be no charges laid, there would be no bad feelings. We just want our dog back.”

    The Rottweiler answers to Princess and can be recognized by a scar on her left side.

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